Sunday, 1 November 2015


November - and I have the patio doors open. Blue sky, nice and sunny.

Managed to avoid Haloween and now appreciate being headache and hangover free. Walked the dogs earlier and marveled at the debris from the night before - smashed pumpkins in the road and abandoned costume ephemera etc. Papers full of dreary pictures of overpaid celebrities in silly 'sexy' costumes looking bored at dull looking parties somewhere expensive.

There is a baby crying next door  - I still can't figure out how many children they have - it's at least 2, maybe 3. The older one still has hysterical tantrums.

I washed every pair of jeans and trousers I own yesterday - apart from the pair I am wearing and the fly zipper is broken - so I'll be spending the day at home.

Watched a few films last night - hidden in the dining room with the lights at the front of the house turned off - just in case.

Yesterday - the local COOP went into Haloween overdrive. One of them was dressed as a mad scientist and had a badge that said 'Dr Ben Dover'. I was mildly amused to hear the tannoy crackle into life and a voice plead 'Will Hannibal The cannibal please come to the till, shoppers waiting". This turned out to be the slim, shy bloke who always looks nervous and never makes eye contact. I actually think he was enjoying wearing the mask and I'm pretty sure he was smiling. It kinda suited him.

I'm going to move my computer and desk upstairs to the small room later because it's easier to heat in the winter and the lack of daylight doesn't matter now. Might encourage me to finish decorating the front room - although the bay window probably needs knocking down and rebuilding - the ceiling is cracked and looks like it's going to fall and I'm really short of money - so probably not.

None of my expected invoices were paid last week - so I'm in a rather tight spot for the end of the month - and I'm still waiting for confirmation on something that will probably not start until next year - back to being very broke again. I made a vegetarian slow cook sausage casserole that should last 3 days to celebrate.

Awkward work week coming up - need to get some difficult stuff out of the way - not a lot on the horizon at the moment, not really comfortable with the way work is looking and not very much to fall back on - awkward.

I haven't decided what to do today - it may include plumbing, electrical work, cleaning... or just watching films and wishing I was someone else.

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