Saturday, 7 November 2015

I know... it's been another week...

But I've been busy with work. I've just spent a few days working Inhouse, which I really enjoyed, and a couple of other jobs have come to fruition. A big project I worked on recently - creating a brand for a company that specialises in very high-quality photo restoration and re colourisation is in the news a bit. They just worked on the archive of the discovery of King Tutankhamen's tomb - so it's been all over the web. It even got a big splash in the Daily Mail.

Another job required me to draw my own typeface from scratch, again - really enjoyed doing that. I'll post some pics later when I've cleaned it up a bit. The '£' was the hardest.

I've put weight back on, I look fine now - all the exercise (Talking and eating etc) has had the result that both sides of my face work in unison now - a triumph, and with a bit of stubble - I look fine. Even the scars on my back and arm are fading. I'm officially ibn 'rude health' - just a few memory lapses and I still have rubbish handwriting - but I'm even enjoying cycling again.

Despite loads of outstanding invoices - getting money in is harder than usual. My brother has kindly stumped up a loan to buy a new computer but I didn't get enough cash in to cobble all my bills this month - so my mortgage has bounced. I'll have to deal with that on Monday. It's never happened before and actually been my fault. I'll survive etc.

It's still very warm - I'm in short sleeves with the door to the garden open - but it's really wet. The house smells very damp - damp patches on the wall that faces the sea and the floorboards are a funny colour in patches. At some point I need to magic up a lot of money and deal with it all - and address problems with the leak from next door - I don't really want to be harassing a very old, disabled woman to sort out her drains, but it's causing me real grief.

I was tentatively planning on a trip to Wales yesterday to go to a funeral - but I had to work - it would have cost me a fortune and the logistics were impossible.

I'm pretty tired today - I have to work tomorrow so I'm going to just take it easy, do some cleaning and stuff at home. I'm due to go to an event later -a bloke has a massive collection of 70s, 80's and 90's crisp packets and they will be on display with some associated stuff - see how I feel.

My kitchen looks like I have squatters.


Anonymous said...

If the next door neighbour has drains problems and is elderly it might be worth checking if orgs like Age Concern can access grants etc to help them sort it so they can still live independently in their own home - that is the case in my council area (tho it is a Labour Council!) - this is designed to help people stay out of care or divert them from needing council housing - or they help release equity from the home the older person owns (often with massive equity in it) to do the repairs - all managed by Age Concern or a housing association etc so they can have more confidence they are not being scammed by dodgy builders etc.

Might be worth a look into. Probably best to contact your local district council and ask to speak to someone who deals with older persons housing - they would know if such schemes exist. Obv they or someone they appointed to do so would have to apply but...

Richard de pesando MA(RCA) said...

She has severe mobility problems at the moment that are being addressed, has nurses and care workers when needed and a neighbour who is in the house regularly. I think also that she's planning on getting back on her feet - her car is still here - although there was an abortive attempt to drive earlier in the year. She's very independent and I can't see her considering any decrease in her perceived quality of life. I regularly catch her in the COOP and have to help her and her shopping back. It has less to do with needing help and - I think - more to do with her making her own mind up what needs doing and when. She can be a bit bloody minded, but I think I admire her for that.

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