Friday, 30 October 2015


Been a busy week - spent a few days working inhouse - long hours but really enjoyed it. One of the projects will have a great deal of local impact when it's announced - I had no input on it myself but it's actually a great piece of work so delighted to be associated in a tiny way.

Additionally - some work I did earlier in the year has been launched now. Dynamichrome are experts at restoration and decolourisation of photography - they are very professional and ethical about it. At the moment they are working on a big historic project that will be quite big news, previously it's been things like the Marylin Monroe archive and civil war stuff for the History Channel - they are here - I've developed a logo and new watermark branding for them, to indicate who they are and indicate photography that's been altered. Really pleased with it all. It will be rolling out properly soon.

Somehow have managed to cause a few cracking arguments online and have been roundly abused by numerous random digital idiots. I'm starting to quite enjoy it. After reading an article about the cook / activist Jack Monroe - who has announced that they are no longer a 'she' but is not yet in a position to be called a 'he' I pointed out that repeated uses of 'they' in a short online article were clumsy, cold and impersonal and just indicated that it was time to probably look at how language is used, and try harder (most online journalism is badly written rubbish). Afterwards, I had literally hundreds of comments, messages and emails that became more and more abusive as people stopped reading the original comment and only ready the one above their own - and was accused of everything under the sun from being transphobic to being a child molester. The strongest word I used in my comment was 'interesting' - and yet there were people out there who made it quite clear that they wanted to kill me, but without actually being able to explain why. One person said that she had a friend who was happy to be called 'it' - and decreed that we should all be called 'it' from now on. Clearly they were never called 'it' at school or they wouldn't be so stupid. I use the internet all day - it's great, but it really brings out the stupid in people.

There is a cat in the studio. There are people staying upstairs in the B&B who are allergic to cats so it's down here for the week. I like cats, but it clearly doesn't want to be here and spends a lot of time crying or throwing its litter tray about. We are all getting a bit annoyed. Smells a bit, too.

It's due to rain today - I'm in the studio early to avoid it - I want to get some stuff out of the way and have a look at my finances - which are a bit of a mess, obviously - even though I am owed money - probably a bit stuck at the moment. The dreaded cash flow. Still waiting to hear about a big job and loads of smaller things to finish so I'm quite tied up. I need to deal with some money stuff that includes me using the phone - not looking forward to that one.

My uncle died a couple of days ago - his funeral is next Friday. Have given some consideration to going - it is in North Wales. Logistics, finances and timing look difficult. I wasn't close to him but I have a lot of time for both of his daughters. His wife, who died some years ago - was lovely.

During the week we needed to send something to Bexhill for a client to review - I offered to cycle - actually quicker than driving. I took the opportunity because I wanted to recreate the journey when I had my accident - I'd been avoiding it. I half expected to find the rusted frame of my old bike at the side of the path - stripped of all the expensive fittings - or have a flashback - but it was fine. I've got that out of the way.

It's basically xmas in Hastings now - the shop windows are already done - pre-bonfire, pre-Halloween. Stupidly early. There is yet another event at the weekend, as well as the 'traditional' Halloween thing - a Herring Fair on the beach - with loads of cooks, retailers, fishermen etc. It never ends.

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