Sunday, 25 October 2015


As it's officially winter, I had bubble and squeak for breakfast and listened to a lot of depressing radio. They are talking about Tax Credits now.

Fresh and clear morning, dogs both belligerent and bad tempered but now both asleep.

I find I've been abused on the comments board of the Guardian. I find that amusing and comforting. It's all because of the artist A Wei-Wei who is sulking because LEGO have refused to supply him with bricks in bulk for an artwork. LEGO is one of those strange products that is defined by it's brand name - and as I pointed out - if they willingly supply to him, they are suggesting complicity, support and approval for his artwork - which will be political - and they can't do that. Despite my suggesting that he crowds sources used lego then at least he can say it's inheriting some emotional value (and free) people have been quite unhappy with me. If Lego supply him, they would be in a situation where they can't complain about supplying The National Front or North Korea to do the same - or China. LEGO should not be used politically in this way - makes perfect sense to me. Apparently trying to be balanced makes me a bad person. How I laughed.

Tony Blair on the radio - I'm gritting my teeth. He's squirming and worming his way around. And now Kay Burley... I might go out into the garden and clear up after the dogs.

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