Monday, 26 October 2015

I'm doing my best here -

- but I really don't have much short term memory now. Let's try again.

I'm working in-house tomorrow - found out at 9pm - some urgent reorganisation needed.

Went to a birthday event yesterday - the main act didn't bother turning up - lots of tension and refunds at the door - quite upsetting. Nearly a fight afterwards due to the doorman being rumbled for taking too much cash - it was bound to happen someday. I had two pints of lager and as a result was up all night. Can't deal with alcohol at all now.

Have developed an amazing talent for causing rows online, without actually getting involved myself. I've become quite balanced and equitable - but somehow people keep shouting at me.

I bought two decent looking Aloe Vera plants for £5 today - less than half price. I had a load but the last really bad winter killed them all. I've always liked them.

Glad of a bit of extra light in the morning but seriously considered going to bed at 6.30pm.

had a bit of a moment today - I was listening to the radio via my computer and the 2pm news came on - but my clock and my phone both said 2.30. seriously thought I'd mentally lost it until I realised iPlayer was on a strange delay.

I keep a Hotmail account so that I can channel purchases etc away from my 'proper' email. Using it today was like being taken back 20 years - I really hate the interface. First time I've lost my temper in months.

My eyesight is noticeably worse now - I'll have to get new glasses - and that means an eye test - which I hated last time.

I'm going to try and wait up until 10pm to try and understand the Tax credit vote - getting simple information online today seems impossible.

I'm owed a decent enough amount of money at the moment - lots of small invoices mounted up - but none of it seems to be coming through and I have no idea if it will be here by the end of the month.

Work was fairly grim today - nothing I'm doing is interesting or creative in any way - like wading through mud. Couple of things are just not happening now - so I'll need to find new work.

More hastings events - we have Halloween to look forward to this weekend and the town gets a bit silly with that - and there will be a large Zombie walk and a big 'Day Of The Dead' Mardi Gras type parade - if you like that sort of thing. I'll probably stay home.

I'm really looking forward to Xmas now - just for a couple of weeks in suspended animation.

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