Saturday, 24 October 2015


Yet another big gap - sorry, I'm shedding readers like my dogs shed hair.

Busy and stressful work week - and I spent yesterday in Brighton trying to save my career - so fun all round.

I also made the mistake of having a couple of drinks on Tuesday night - and I as I no longer seem to be able to tolerate alcohol - spent Wednesday in bed.

On Monday a load of work went to print and should be in the process of being installed. I did a poster campaign for the two books that the TV show QI produce each year - I really enjoyed doing it, the client (Faber) were very good and I used an illustrator I found very good to work with and spot on. It will soon be appearing in a railway station near you - some of the big posters are huge. I would have like them to be even more subversive but they do actually have to appeal to people, although as they already sell a million copies - I doubt very much that anyone needs the campaign - but they look great.

I had a meeting yesterday about some potential work that's perfect for me and actually well paid for a change. Things are really, really tight at the moment and due to get worse - all the money I've lost this year through being ill has started to hurt. I'll need to be even more resourceful than usual. My main computer has died - I'm selling it for scrap after I removed the hard drive - shame really - it worked very hard and I can't afford a new one - but that's life.

I caught up with someone I work with who's business is finally taking off after years of hard work - although he's stuck in a grubby divorce (he's the injured party) - but handling it well.  Also caught up with old friends who are about to capitalise on a flat they bought many years ago that is worth an absolute fortune (retirement money) and good luck to them. I've never been a lucky person - it just doesn't seem to be meant for me. My old neighbour in Brighton is bound to do the same soon, I can remember him being so poor he had to apply to a charity for help - he's sitting on a house worth close to a million now.

Had a quick drink with my friends before I caught the train home - Friday night in Brighton - large place full of very young, good looking people with beards and man-buns - all spending an obscene amount of money, despite them probably all having huge student loans, overdrafts, credit card bills and miserable personal lives in shared houses. Unless they got lucky and have rich parents.

I'd actually grown a beard as a way to cover my scars as they heal - today I shaved it off - I wish I hadn'tas my mouth still looks like Dr Phibes, and probably isn't going to get any better. Well... at least I don't look like this any more.

I'm going to a birthday event tomorrow evening - I'll probably be in work tomorrow and I have a few things to do next week - mortgage day is looming - and all my other bills need paying - might be making some awkward phone calls. It's still unseasonably warm - it's going to hit 15/16 degrees next week - and it's almost November. I saw something through a window earlier in the week that looked a lot like a xmas tree - they usually go up around here straight after November 5th.

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