Sunday, 11 October 2015


My posts seem to be getting further apart - it's not intentional - just another very busy week.

I have my last hospital appointment on Tuesday - and then I'm a 'free man'. It occurred to me that I am now older than my father was when he died. He was convinced he would die at 49, as his father was - and I nearly carried on the family tradition. I still have time. I feel fine now - I've even managed to cycle up the hill again - a benchmark of reasonable physical fitness.

I went to a party on Friday and was supposed to go to one last night - but that was never going to happen - I just can't cope with all that excitement. It's the Hastings bonfire festival this week - yet another huge public event with lots of alcohol. The is a giant record fair up the road from here later today and on Friday I'm going to a meeting to talk about a potential 'fringe' festival in Hastings. I also managed to pack in a meeting about the future of the Claremont Triangle where I have my studio. Busy week indeed - plenty of work to do and I even managed to cause a row between an illustrator and his agent which saw them part ways.

The weather is still very good, just cooler at night. I may do a bit of gardening shortly and fix a few things before it all gets colder again - but all is looking good out there. Work is OK, plenty to do - but not earning much still - need to address that somehow.

I had an email from Jeremy Corbyn asking me to supply questions for PMQ's again. It really pissed me off - I think someone needs to explaining to him that it's his job to do that and I'm already bored with stunts like this. Considering how loathsome and evil the Tories have presented themselves after the conference in Manchester this month, and how wet Labour has been - I'm getting seriously depressed about being 'right' about Corbyn. I don't have any faith in him at all.

The entire nation has been talking about bake Off, except me. I think there is something sinister about trying to apply extreme standards of perfection to cakes. I mean, CAKES .... The girl who won was very lovely in all ways - she won because she was the best cook by a mile. Nothing more.

Radio 4 is on in the background - it's excruciating as usual. Poorly informed Posh people waffling about things they don't understand and have not been properly briefed on - but who sound 'right'.

I got carried away and watched the new Jurassic Park film online last night. It was basically a mash up of all the previous films - but with less imagination and some rather crappy CGI. At a loss, I then watched the documentary 'Inside Deep Throat' which was as disturbing as it was illumination. Quite a challenge, that one.

I watched Dr Who. But got bored and tuned out in my head. It didn't seem to make a lot of difference.

The Scaffolders have been outside the studio all week - it's been unbearable - Thursday and Friday were the worst - I had to leave early both days, it was just too much.

I'm starting to enjoy cycling again now - although I did lose my temper outside the local junior school thanks to several really dangerous and selfish mums dropping their kids off and causing near accidents - resulting in some very strongly worded email exchanges with the headmaster. It happens every single day - I am amazed that nobody has been killed. This week it could have been me, twice in the space of 30 seconds.

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