Saturday, 3 October 2015


Yet another busy but satisfying week. Managed to get a lot of work done, no disasters!.

A very large graphic hoarding has been erected around a refurbished building this week, it's on Muswell Hill in London and was the biggest one-to-one artwork I've ever done, the photographs were 16 feet long and the boards (and hence artwork) had to be staggered upwards - each board rises by an average of 131.5mm - there were about 90 boards in all. I'm glad it's done!

I'm going to an indoor flea market in Hastings shortly - apparently it's going to be a good one.

I cycled into work every day this week - still not very confident but getting better - I'd forgotten just how bad the drivers are in this town, or how selfish. Mums at school run time are the worst.

The weather has been spectacularly good all week, slightly cooler at night - but amazing for October.

I'm doing my best to ignore the news - it's generally depressing rubbish and journalism seems to have hit rock bottom now.

I'm having another clear out at home later today - getting rid of stuff is great fun. I've cleaned the garden up too so it's ready for winter - looking good but both of my compost bins are full to bursting so potentially I need a new one. I may save money by punching holes into an old metal dust bin and using that instead.

Not a very good correspondent at the moment - still struggling with admin and getting back on track - couldn't remember how to write an invoice yesterday and had to re-educate myself. Additionally - the drama of my mobile phone account is just getting worse, my balance goes from £30.00 to 0.00p and back and forth for no reason and my online account is still locked. I really hate EE.

Yesterday a man was wandering around Hastings in a giant pink rabbit outfit, a skull mask and covered in blood. Nobody was paying any attention.

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Anne Roy said...

giant pink rabbit outfit, a skull mask and covered in blood. Nobody was paying any attention.

quite right ... might be some promoting some Hallowe'en club event or a murderer escaping from the scene of the crime ... both best ignored ...

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