Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Tuesday (Not Monday)

It's early - I'm doing a big back-up of all the information on all 3 computers  in case one dies, again. The repaired iMac is working fine but can't be re-trusted. If it goes again I'm selling it for scrap. That will be the end of the road. The backup will take about an hour - I spent quite a lot of time last night going through it all and cleaning it all up.

Just walked the dogs. Senile dog has developed a fascination with walking in front of cars or suddenly deciding to go in the opposite direction we are walking in. I changed the dog food a few weeks ago, it's better - they are thriving on it and it 'comes out' dry and easy to pick up - however - I now have dogs that no longer 'go' twice a day - depositing a decent volume that I can just pick up and put in the bin, instead I have dogs that go about 10 times a day in small volumes. I'm getting through a lot of plastic bags.

Last night I watched 'The Hunger Games' - I'm aware of it but had never seen it. I understand that it's been really successful and has continued to spawn a series, and is based on successful books that are aimed at older children / young adults. I thought the acting was largely very good, obviously a lot of money has been spent and it was well crafted. Personally - I thought it was quite sinister. 'Adults' were cruel, comic, infantile and crude and I get no pleasure from watching kids killing kids. There was a scene where one (very young ) child was murdered after showing great compassion despite being in a hopeless situation - dressing their death up as a sacrifice and carpeting her body in flowers didn't make it any more palatable - on a day when I'd seen photographs of the 'real' bodies of small Syrian children washing up on a beach. I know it's only a film - but I thought it was pretty morally bankrupt. Maybe I just don't get the point.

After breakfast I'm making a few phone calls - then I'm going into work. I have loads of work on at the moment - all good, interesting stuff and properly paid - but, thanks to my 'hiatus' I've actually run out of money. I'm going to make an attempt to increase my overdraft (actually - I don't think I can, I have a vague memory that they won't actually talk to me about it if I am already overdrawn - they have useless rules about that ) and I need to talk to my mortgage company - partly because I'm going to be late this month thanks to a client not paying me last week (I won't be working with them again so they are dragging their feet) and annoyingly I paid off some of my mortgage just before the accident - and now obviously wish I hadn't as the result has been I've run out of cash. Depending on the way the call goes I'll be dropping into the conversation that I found all my mortgage statements and I paid PPI for about a year on this mortgage. If they are unhappy about me being a bit late for the first time in 20 years - I'm a bit annoyed with them breaking the law by selling a work based insurance policy to a self employed person. If all else fails - I'll just have to be very creative. It's not an ideal situation to be in - but better than it could have been (i.e. dead, in a coma, a vegetable etc)

Walking the dogs I realised that I'm going to have to invest in some winter dog walking boots. It's already getting colder at night and darker than I would like.

Did I mention that since I gave away my tumble dryer that my electricity bills have halved?

I'm really struggling to understand the new 'regime' of PAYG mobile phone usage - credit just vanishes for no reason. I've tried turning everything off but it seems to be designed to rob me blind. My online account hasn't been set up properly and my old monthly account is still in credit. I'm dreading having to talk to someone over the phone again - not even sure they were a real person last time.

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