Sunday, 30 August 2015

Le Weekend

On Friday it was the launch of Coastal Currents - a month-long arts festival in Hastings. The Launch party was in Bottle Alley - the Sidney Little designed mile long under road walkway on the seafront which features prominently in the Neil Jordan film 'Byzantium'. It was great - just hundreds of people wandering up and down, looking at exhibits, drinking at the free bars, listening to live music as the sun went down and the moon rose - the weather was perfect, we were really lucky. Afterwards the party was in the Observer Building, next to my studio, and it was great. They have done a brilliant job of kitting it out with a bar, lighting, new floor and food cabins. I got home quite late. Also on Friday - Borough Wines opened across from the studio. A wine merchant who also sells books - what's not to like?

The observer Building, one of te guys in this photo played the gorilla On The Mighty Boosh. I never saw it myself

Free-bar on the beach in Bottle Alley

A mile of drinking on the beach

On Saturday - it was a repeat performance - the Observer held their VIP opening, and I was somehow on the VIP list. Additionally - a new nightclub opened on the site of the legendary 'Crypt' Music venue. I managed to enjoy all events without getting too drunk and barely spent any money.

I had to go into work today, the engineer has managed to fix my iMac, for the time being and she brought it around to the studio for me. I had to pay - which hurt, and I'm going to have to think about a replacement sooner rather than later..

I'm working on Monday - I have a meeting on Wednesday and I need to be ahead of the curve, I'll be in the studio on my own for half a day and I should get a lot done. I have to be back to work full-time from Tuesday.

I've hit the point where money is an issue - as two payments failed to show on Friday, as I suspected. Getting the larger one will be a struggle. Next week I have to have difficult and probably pointless conversations with my bank, my mortgage company and the Inland revenue.

I met someone intensely rude yesterday, but resisted saying anything or storming out of the room.

The highlight of my week was at about 10pm on Friday night - when a former 1980's pop star, drunk - or much worse, threatened to kill me by slitting by throat and drinking my blood. I burst out laughing (he was so far gone it was shameful) and shortly after he was removed by security for lunging at a woman.

That reminds me - The Daily Telegraph reviewed a local pub this week - very favourably, and reminded me of the acronym F.I.L.T.H. - 'failed in London, try Hastings'

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