Friday, 4 September 2015

Friday part 1

(I wrote this last night, haven't bothered correcting the tenses etc)

I think I went back to work at just the right time, I was in a bit over the weekend, and for half of Monday - Tuesday was my first full day and I was exhausted afterwards - and it’s been hard work - but actually, it’s been OK. I feel fine, getting my stamina back, enjoying work without too many hiccups and feeling good. I’m pretty busy now and work is really enjoyable - I’m finding it exciting again. Hopefully this will continue. My memory is getting better and I’m not stressing about anything, although there are still a few glitches, like every time I turn the living room light on and off I turn the radio on instead and stand there confused for a few moments.

Facebook, and all social media are generally strange and difficult to navigate - because we subconsciously ‘curate’ them and select the company we keep to be ‘like’ us - they become very closed-shop, which is why so many people, including myself, were shocked by the election. All the people we know think like us, how could there be anything else? For the last few days my entire digital experience has been the same photographs of dead children posted over and over again. A torrent of horror. I can understand people's shock and revulsion, and genuine distress and concern - but I never need to see them again.

I’ve lost my taste for coffee, I find this quite distressing. It’s my only vice. I’m sure my dental hygienist will be delighted.

I wore a jumper today, first one of the year and entirely appropriate.

I’m actually looking forward to my ‘weekend’ as a ‘weekend’ for the first time in two months.

I filled in and signed the paperwork to get a bank loan to tide me over for the next couple of months - it’s actually very small and will just pay off my overdraft, I need to get some money in urgently and will have to start chasing soon, I’m very broke.

The disabled transsexual in the Oxfam shop is getting increasingly strange - she looks like a dipsomaniac Margaret Rutherford in stage make-up, today she’s bleached her long hair and was wearing a straw hat with a garland of plastic flowers. She’s rude and bad tempered, but I like her. There were a load of fantastic men's shirts in there, all in my size, all worth about 70 quid each and with good labels - all priced at £2 each. I decided to walk away, I must have 200 shirts already

There is a documentary on the radio about the concept of ‘multiverse’ - I just don’t get it - it seems like rubbish to me

(that program was actually on the internet - I have no idea why I wrote radio - it just came out like that, that’s what my head is like at the moment - I can’t seem to be able to use photoshop at the moment at all.)

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