Wednesday, 26 August 2015


Well, it clearly is 'back to normal'.

I battled my way into work in gale force winds and driving rain to take a couple of conference calls I'd scheduled with clients. By the time I arrived (there was only one other person there) I was drenched and my jeans hung off me. (I should take a change of clothes to work). Just as I was about to take the call, and after having set up my computer in anticipation with all the appropriate files in the screen... it died, totally. I think it's past saving. Not ideal - I can't afford another one - so I had to come home and make everything up on a laptop. Tomorrow I'll have to change everything around -work screen to the studio and laptop made ready for day to day stuff. I will send the iMac to the tech person, might be able to change the screen, but I suppose everything comes to an end, I don't think I've lost too much.

Last night I went for dinner with some friends who are leaving Hastings for Bristol - I really enjoyed it and will be very sad to see them go. It's much better for them professionally - and I'll see them on Saturday for the last time before they leave, but they are both a loss to this town.

For some reason I'm incredibly tired today, hoping to have a second wind later, I have quite a lot tof work to do.

None of my clothes will dry - it's to damp and humid.

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