Monday, 24 August 2015

Monday Evening

I must be getting better, I got annoyed for the first time in months and put my back out as a result.

Just spent some time trying to change my facebook setting so I can avoid having to wade through some of the offensive drivel that Corbyn supporters think it's OK to post. One person in particular who sees herself as a feminist, an artist, a socialist and all round untouchable thinks it's OK to repeatedly call Liz Kendall a 'twat'. This whole nonsense reminds me of Blair getting into power, and all the bullshit that surrounded him, Corbyn really isn't anyone's fairy godmother. It looks increasingly likely that he will win, surrounded by whooping and clapping morons who have lost all sense of critical thought - and seem to think that it's all going to be OK after a few weeks. They have no idea what the world is really like. I watched Corbyn on the TV last week reacting with incredulity and astonishment when a reporter asked him about people he had shared a platform with, it's like he has never 'done' politics before. Everyone lives in their own bubble.

When I was at the dentists earlier - a woman came in - aged about 33ish - with 4 young children. She had that 'look at me I've just been to yoga, I'm wearing really expensive mismatched clothes that are designed to look as if I just threw them on but took an hour to assemble' thing going on. The kids were aged between about 5 and 12 - all very good looking, absurdly healthy and middle class, all had their own iPhone, and were all wearing mismatched premium childrenswear that looked as if it had been pulled together by the child themselves and suggested they were 'unique' but was clearly the result of a very careful edit by the parents. They had nice, posh voices and totally ignored the mother and her feeble and superficial attempts to tell them to behave (she was just offering token suggestions) and they were running riot. If they had been scruffy, working-class kids - the mother would have tutted and rolled her eyes.

I managed to get caught in a quite phenomenal rain earlier - and lightning struck just a few yards away - it was staggeringly loud. When I arrived home both dogs were super-stressed out.

I had to go around some junk shops earlier - I need some old art books, the worthless ones with black and white plates. In one the owner was quite brazenly touching up the chips in a large green vase with Airfix paint.

Tomorrow night I am going to dinner with some good friends who are moving to Bristol next week - on Thursday I am working at an event in the evening and on Friday I'm going to a launch party - and also on Saturday - an even bigger affair with a chamber orchestra and cocktails. I think I'll spend the weekend in bed.

Someone I know has taken a large building near my studio, on a full repairing lease. I cannot fathom what was going through their minds - it's a very 'tired' property. I made that mistake back in the 1990's in Whitechapel - in the end we were able to scrape out with a 14k bill between us after the shop downstairs allowed their leaky flat roof to damage the wooden beam holding up the building.

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