Friday, 28 August 2015


It can't decide if it's going to be rain or shine, I'm waiting to see what happens. I'm going to be out later than usual so I'm going in later to compensate.

I work on a performance / literary event last night last night - it's the 3rd one I've done - it was the weakest. There was a terrible performance by someone with an exceptional CV who re-imagined the Tempest as a one person play, all male, painted blue and naked. I'm glad I was standing in the corridor - I think it was just an excuse for exhibitionism. A woman also read an interview  (I think it was for The Times) from 1999 with Elizabeth Taylor that sounded dated and lightweight, and a bit pointless. The highlight was the American writer J Fergus Evans who was actually fantastic, I really enjoyed it.

I sent the Imac off to the engineer. I really like my Mac Engineer - When he was called Tim he helped me out with some towers and now that he's called Clare she's basically saved my business a couple of times by saving data from failed drives. It's not looking good - so I'm having the hard drive put in a case so I can use it as a spare drive, and selling it for scrap. I now need to buy a new computer, somehow. My lack of funds are starting to play on my mind, oh, how I wish I hadn't paid off part of my mortgage before the accident.

Talking of which - people keep telling me how well I look, which is nice, but I'm still stammering when I'm nervous and stumbling over the odd word. My sort term memory is still terrible and I'm starting to panic about getting things wrong for missing stuff. I've been told to exercise my head more - the suggestion of chess didn't go down well - I hate chess - but something like that. I also had a conversation with someone who suggested I learn to knit, and I totally get their point. I'm really glad I invested in software to check my spelling and grammar on the computers - it's really paying for itself now - although I think that has more to do with my hand coordination and the fact I need to slow down a bit until I'm a bit better.

To my utter joy there has been a lot of Iris Murdoch on the radio this week, just enjoying the last part of 'A Severed Head' - I really tink she deserves a major revival and retrospective - this book, in particular would make a fantastic and amazingly modern film.

Out of sheer mischief yesterday, I started writing a totally fictitious Linkedin Profile. I quite liked it.

Later today I'm going to a large event on the seafront to kick off Coastal Currents, Hastings' big annual arts festival - It's being set on the seafront this year - looking forward to it. Tomorrow I have a VIP invite to the launch of the Observer Building project, the big building next to our studio. It's all go.

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