Tuesday, 18 August 2015


I worked all day yesterday - I didn't actually achieve anything and was mostly spaced out all day - but it was fine. I walked there and back and didn't feel tired until I got ho,e. I also look pretty good too - almost healthy. Bumped into someone I knew who had a serious head injury a few years back and had a chat. His advice was to just talk to people about it. He's probably right. Had planned on doing stuff at home but ended up just flaking out.

My Labour leadership ballot has arrived, I'll sort it out today.

There is a grass verge across the road from my house, people sometimes park on it, churning it up in the winter and occasionally knocking the saplings down - this really pisses me off. Every morning my neighbour our who is a milkman parks on it from about 4.30 - 6am. This morning he got stuck half on and half off and broke his axle - protruding into the road at 90 degrees and blocking it. His wife tried to steam my post once. The whole thing was Karma.

The insurance rang yesterday and went through my claim and I ended up having to choose all the stuff I was getting, the bloke was really nice - insisted I spend every penny and even threw in a few spare inner tubes. all coming tomorrow - I'm getting about a thousand pounds worth of bike and accessories, even the pedals are being upgraded for me. Afterwards, I felt guilty - as if I was getting something for nothing... clearly I need to work on that one.

I'm going to hive off some more work later - but I've agreed to be in a group show later in the year - around xmas, with a group of other artists. I'll keep you posted.

My sister is bringing her family to Hastings on Friday to visit me - rather than try and get hotel rooms for 4 people in high season on a Bank Holiday weekend - I'm borrowing a flat on the seafront - going to see it tonight. Might have to get hold of a couple of Zed Beds but a much better and cheaper solution all round.

I may have missed the Vulcan flight on Saturday but I think there is a Spitfire and hurricane flypast later today - I'll do some checking. The internet isn't really helping with this one, I can't find any real clarification. It's not looking good.

A I have to wait in for my new bike tomorrow - I'll be working at home, so today I'll make a superhuman effort to get on top of things and only take manageable stuff back with me. They are scaffolding again outside the window - I am pretty much used to it, but I won't miss it.

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