Tuesday, 11 August 2015


I've been at work all day, I'm waiting for a client to either turn up of say he's delayed. Have a stonking headache.

Yesterday, one of my best friends came down from London to see me - it was great to see him and I did more talking in the evening than I have all month. Great to talk and think about things other than myself. It's cooled down a bit now, a hot, dense, muggy day and quite unpleasant. Someone came over to see the studio with a view to renting space, as it happened I'd just done a floorplan so we could all look at moving the desks around and making better use of the floorspace.

Have sent out a couple of emails telling clients that I'm actually fine if they decide to use other designers in the meantime - I'm actually finding it quite difficult at the moment - I usually manage a lot of work at the same time and can multitask with ease, but that's just not how I feel at the moment. I've had a virtual confrontation with someone else who has been unprofessional and unsympathetic despite myself bending over backwards to accommodate them - and I've drawn a line under that.

Quite a lot going on at the moment - but I'm keeping my distance. I have enough trouble remembering to get up in the morning.

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