Thursday, 20 August 2015

Thursday night extra

I found this picture - I had it taken in Alders in Croydon while I was buying my house in Brighton - I was 29. I thought at the time I looked really old and ugly but now I think I looked great. Since this picture was taken I have had my nose broken twice, my cheek and jaw broken, A septal haematoma and another in my mouth, my lip torn off and sewn back on, a lot of stitches in my mouth and my eyebrow and skin around my right eye rebuilt and a couple of teeth removed after being knocked out of position. A cracked orbit that left me barely able to see for 6 months and a lot of serious dental work. I still look reasonable OK. Somehow.

The day I had this picture taken I was on my way to collect the keys to my house. I was wearing a blue and white check seersucker shirt that was really uncomfortable when it was humid and white cotton jeans. When I arrived at the house I stood on a joist that had been left at the bottom of the stairs - there was a nail sticking out that went right through my foot and I couldn't walk for a month.

I really need to think about my relationship with 'luck'.

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