Sunday, 23 August 2015


Actually - I thought yesterday was Sunday - so I have a 'spare'.

My sister and her family have been to visit. They are staggeringly decent and nice people, so we had a good time. It was fairly short notice and as this is the busiest week of the year in hastings nd the weather is actually superb, a hotel would have been out of the question or absurdly expensive - I was lucky and managed to borrow a flat on the seafront. A friend is looking after it for the owner, who is 'elsewhere' for a couple of years (essentially - he's in prison, after having converted the flat into a cannabis factory - I told my sister and she was highly amused by this).

I was about 30 degrees yesterday and I took them to breakfast at the De La Warr - which was absurdly expensive but very nice, the previous evening I managed to get them into the Two Bulls steakhouse - which is lovely and good for meat eaters, fortunately they had a halloumi dish for me!

It was really nice to see them all and they enjoyed being at the seaside and relaxing in the sun. Yesterday afternoon, after we said goodbye - I went to a beach party with friends and am now quite tanned - then later we went to a heavy metal bar and watched drunk men dancing to Motorhead.

Today, I'm going to tackle something awkward - te pipe that leads from my bathroom sink to the soil pipe is dripping, at the junction of the soil pipe - this makes no sense and could actually be a very bad sign indeed, I'm quite worried about this one and I'm going to get the caustic soda out.

Feeling much more like myself at the moment - it's only taken 2 months. I have a dental appointment in the morning, another thirty quid to be patronised about the fact I still drink coffee.

It's raining a bit at the moment but I may try and get out on the bike later - just to see how it feels. I'm fairly comfortable with using up my last week of 'sick' time to clear the decks of everything and be back to work full time after the bank holiday. I'm starting to look forward to it, but money is going to be a huge issue now - I'm probably going to lose the best part of 6 months income this year, nothing I can do there - I'll just have to think on my feet. I'm used to that.

The Shoreham air crash is very sad, I would frequently go to that show when I lived further down the coast - it's a miracle that the pilot survived, despite being badly injured but it's terrible for the victims and everyone connected to them..

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