Monday, 24 August 2015


It's raining, a lot - it's going to continue to rain all day - we are also expecting electrical storms.

I had an early dental appointment. Every time I go in there the staff are all reception new, and it always seems to be their first day. Perhaps they have difficulty keeping people. The Dentist was very sympathetic but pleased at how well I've been doing and my teeth are fine. I actually feel pretty good - much closer to being myself again. Like fog is lifting, although I was nervous and did start stammering when he was asking me questions, I shut up after that.

I've just been told that friends have taken a full repairing lease on a nearby building for their business, my heart sank for them. I don't think they actually realise what that means. The large victorian shop front windows are already bowing out at the front and have had a botched attempt to stabilise them with bits of timber. In the early 1990's I had a lease on a place in Whitechapel - there were 7 of us all together and we ended up paying 2K each for repairs that were caused by our neighbours leaky roof, never again.

I have a lot on this week - I'm due to go to a meal tomorrow night, an event on Friday and another on Saturday. One of my mares is due to have a baby this week (well, his wife is) and I need to clear up as much work as possible by the end of the month. We need to start looking at moving the studio around and I have to figure out where I'm going with work. I should do some backing up and archiving, and learn how to ride my new bike - I spent about an hour with the manual yesterday - it still all greek to me.

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