Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Tuesday PM

This morning I came to the conclusion that I wasn't going to be able to go back to work this week. As a result I suddenly felt much worse, or at least more realistic. My arms still hurt and I feel rubbish. I'm also very unhappy about my lip. I managed to get through to my doctor and went in at 4pm to get my test results and talk to them about what was happening.

Still have a severe infection in my mouth, but it's getting under control, however - none of the stitches have taken, in fact - when I drink water - it drips out of the tear in my mouth. It's not pretty.

My poor doctor looked exhausted at this point, she rang around trying to find a maxio-facial team who could see me (the alternative was being taken into A&E again) and eventually got me booked into Eastbourne tomorrow afternoon at 4pm, it's abut 30 miles away. I managed to sort out some transport this evening. I'm going to have the wounds cleaned and my lip sewn back on, again. I'm really dreading it.

On the plus side - I literally begged that I could be taken off one of my meds - it's an anti-inflammatory called Naproxen - I was warned that it might make me constipated. I cannot explain to you how painful and distressing that can be. As I don't eat meat and have a really good diet - it's not something I have ever had to deal with before - but never, ever want to go through again. I won my case and I'm not taking it anymore. I quite honestly would rather have my right arm amputated than go through that again.

Ironically - I was going to start on solid food again tomorrow - now my mouth will be stitched up again.

I ought to try and calm down a bit tonight - watch a film or something. My friend Peter came round earlier and dropped off 6 giant railway sleepers for me  we bought in bulk between us to save money and they were delivered to his house and he brought them to mine today, still couldn't lift them myself with my arms and so he did all the work himself. I really owe him.

I know you must all be pretty fucking bored with me moaning about myself - I feel the same.


Unknown said...

No, we are not bored. If you did't report, we would be left wondering how you are so........daily bulletins, please, if this is O.K. with you. Sorry about the setback in your progress and hope tomorrow is not too horrible. Looking forward to your report when nyou have been and, in the meantime, hope you have a comfortable night.

Sarie said...

I agree, we need regular updates otherwise we will worry about you.

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