Sunday, 19 July 2015


I'm sure you'd all like me to talk about something other than the accident, but as I've been housebound for a week and not really able to do anything, and the meds have made it difficult for me to concentrate so I can't read - I have very little to say.

The new stuff has made a huge difference, I think my face is going to be OK now, just needs to heal. I have a huge patch of missing skin on my arm and shoulder that's a problem but I can live with that - it must have been where I hit the road. I'm starting to get the strength back in my arms so I'm looking forward to going back to work. I had intended to go in tomorrow, but I might wait until Tuesday now - contact clients from home on Monday and try and start getting organized. The meds make me a bit wooly headed.

I just had to turn the Archers off, it's become nonsense recently. The new girl playing Pip is an idiot - a badly written part, badly acted and the personality change for Adam is just plain absurd. Even the delivery seems wrong - like they all record their parts at home and then email them in, hoping that someone can patch it all together with background noise.

I had a really nice visit from someone I work with sometimes yesterday, her husband came earlier in the week. I don't really socialise with collegues much so it was actually quite good to talk outside work. I'm starting to miss being around people now but I've been to the shop a couple of times and I found it quite difficult that people were looking at me, I should try and watch some decent films but my attention span is minimal and I'm struggling to get my head round the fact is is now 8 days since the accident - seems like only a couple.

A lot of weird stuff comes into my head at the moment, probably the meds, It occurred to me that all governments essentially exist in their own 'present' or 'now' because of the restrictions of their term - and although they talk about 'legacy'  they never really address it. I've always said that Brown will be treated far better than Blair in years to come, even though Blair seemed to be obsessed with his place in history. This government seems to be trying to recreate a golden age of conservatism that never actually existed. Their attacks and undermining of the poor, the sick, the working class, students, the NHS, foxhunting and sustainable energy are so cliched right wing and brutal - but based on a past that never existed, creating policies for people they have never met or engaged with and a society that only really existed in fiction or Ealing cinema. I think that in the future - Cameron and his collegues will be looked back on with scorn and some mockery. London as a city has become a cartoon, a bit like comics of the 40's and 50's imagined the future, rich foreigners buying everything, terrible phallic architecture smashing away the past, an underclass of drones running about doing all the menial tasks but living miles away so as not to cause offense. Cameron's constant mockery and distaste for anyone who isn't as good as him or sees the world the way he does is depressing to say the least.  A class of school bullies and ambitious middle managers run the country - none of them have any real talent or skill for anything, none of them have ever achieved anything, all they have is inherited from someone else. Back in the early years of the last century - younger sons were either sent into the church or Parliament to get them out of the way and stop them meddling in business, but we don't have any business anymore - we're just stuck with this lot.

Anyway - probably the meds talking.


Mark Rochester said...

It's not the meds I think the last paragraph is frighteningly succinct.

Steerforth said...

The curious thing is the way the Conservatives claim to speak up for tradition and patriotism, but their economic liberalism has resulted in a country where national assets are being sold off like a house clearance sale, regardless of whether it's for the public good or not. I don't want my utility companies or trains owned by overseas companies who have no loyalty to society, only to their investors.

As far as Blair goes, I think the first term of office will be judged more favourably. Millions of pounds were pumped into charities and I'll never forget how almost overnight, the homeless disappeared from the streets of London. The Blair government reassured the public that you could invest in public services and balance the books. Of course there were some disappointments - the spin doctors, Peter Mandelson and the Millenium Dome - but they were still a breath of fresh air. If Blair hadn't got involved in Iraq or Afghanistan and if he'd stepped down earlier, who knows how different things would be.

I'd rather see a centre-left Labour government in power than a 'perfect' Labour party in opposition, so I won't be supporting Jeremy 'Ken Barlow' Corbyn.

Perhaps history will also be kinder to Nick Clegg, now that we're seeing what the Cameron government are like when the gloves are off. They seem to be even more radical than Mrs Thatcher, which is saying something.

Richard said...

I think you're broadly right about everything there, Philip. I've been watching the Corbyn thing with some fascination and a little alarm, but I think it's an inevitable symptom of the times - I'm just amazed and depressed at how little anger there seems to be shown towards the Government - I think it's te politics of fear again. I also think you are very right about Clegg - but it will be a few years before any decent review of the recent past takes place. You're also spot on with your comparison to Thatcher - and that really worries me.

Anna said...

It's so nice to have you back, bloodied but unbowed.....

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