Friday, 17 July 2015


I was going to apologise for being a bit down yesterday but I've had a really bad night and I've already been to the doctors today. Most of my wounds are healing really well, swelling down and the bruises on my face are fading (although they are really blossoming on my body). But my mouth is something else. There is a tear from the corner of my mouth for a couple of inches that's been stitched up and about 20 stitches on the inside sticking my mouth back to my jaw, and it's become quite infected. The pain is overwhelming - it wasn't what I was expecting at all. I can eat or speak. They have given me a load of new drugs and painkillers and taken swabs - if it's no better by Monday I have to be admitted again for IV medication.

These painkillers are supposed to make me drowsy and I have been warned twice that I'll be very constipated.

The local paper haven't printed my letter thanking the people at the scene who helped me while I was unconscious - the air ambulance and the people at A&E. They have printed a shitty letter from someone who hates cyclists and a load of other tripe, I have a terrible local paper.

In other news - The event I was supposed to go to last night went well, and Richard and Miranda persuaded Toyah Wilcox to send me a get well soon card. That's fantastic.


It's raining, that's quite annoying, as I have only just taken the dog beds outside and can't manage to get them back in again.

I know I've been out of the link for some time - I can't actually remember getting anything on prescription since I was in my early 20's - but they just charged me nearly £30 for this new load of medication - I was lucky I had it.

I had more visitors yesterday and due some today. People have been lovely. I'm supposed to be in Newhaven today buying railway sleepers, but the guy I was going with has arranged to have them delivered to his house and is bringing them to me. Really great of him.

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