Thursday, 16 July 2015


I'm not going to lie, I've put on a brave face but this has been a difficult week. I went to the doctors yesterday - I have an infection at the point where they had to sew my lip back on and they have given me stuff for that. The dogs come back from kennels today - I can't really afford to leave them there any longer and actually - it pet courier costs the same to take them there or brought back as it does to house them for 24 hours. I have to ring them shortly and tell them that the courier is coming rather than me.

Still in a lot of pain, Muscular and joint pain that just appeared yesterday and is much worse than anything else. I'm getting really tired now - all novelty is over. People have been great and I've had lovely visitors, and I know how lucky I am to be alive - but I want it to all be over now. Still can't eat - it's going to be a while before my mouth works and at some point I need to think about having a shave - that one is already causing me some confusion. A lot of my face is still blood clots that I assume cover abrasions or stitches and the hair is growing through them, I was hoping to wait for it all to fall off.

I think I slept quite well last night but woke up feeling very rough, there is a big piece of skin missing from my arm and shoulder and it's dried  and gone very tight - the first movement or my arm when I woke up nearly sent me through the roof.

People have generally been brilliant. The nurse and doctor I saw yesterday were great - the nurse recognised me from dog walking and was really kind when I got upset about being in hospital (Probably I really need to tackle that one at some point). My friends have been great, I've had a card from the guys I share a studio with. This morning at 7am I needed pain killers and some plain yoghurt - I thought that the COOP would be ideal because it's close and should have been empty at that time. It wasn't - and the old bloke on the till got really flustered when he saw me. They used to keep pain killers behind the till but now they don't and I wasn't in the state to go back and look for them, especially as people were queueing up behind me, I wish I hadn't bothered. Waste of time.

I have to say - online TV has been rubbish - what do people who are at home all day do? I can't concentrate for long so I've been looking at stuff just top entertain me but seriously, it's all shite.

I did a lot of washing yesterday - all the dog blankets, I have a feeling the house smells better.  I'm due to call Bexhill Police later to ask them if they made a report of the accident so I can get a better idea of what happened, and if they have my bike. Pretty much worked out what happened - assisted by a very clear impression of the handlebars across my neck and chest. Just a freak accident, nobody to blame. Happens sometimes.

I'm supposed to be in London today - this evening my friend Richard Heslop is giving a talk at the Barbican about the film he just made with Simon Armitage - guests include Toyah Wilcox (there are punk 70's references and Derek Jarman connections and she was 'available'.)  I was on the guest list and had written loads of questions for the Q&A session for Toyah - including "was that a real dead body you threw in the Thames in 'Jubilee' - it's very realistic". I had been looking forward to it for weeks.

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I am a blog reader/mostly non-commenter and just wanted to say how sorry I am to hear about your accident, and to wish you all the best. I know from a friend's experience that getting over something like this can take a lot longer than you would expect. With very best wishes for a speedy recovery (just off for a cycle ride with helmet!) Natalie

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