Wednesday, 13 May 2015


I have a meeting at 6pm - just killing a bit of time. Really lovely day, I was stuck indoors while the sun shone.

Just listening to the 'Charles' letter... they are so boring.. perhaps if they were read out by Samantha Bond or someone they would be less dreary. Why is he even still news?

I didn't mention last week that Jeremy Birch, the leader of our local council for 17 years died unexpectedly on the eve of the election. The whole town was very shocked.

I appear to have sold my dentist's cabinet on Ebay - I'm quite sad about that, really - I was secretly hoping I'd end up keeping it. It could still fall through. I need the money.

Our local MP - who is now a powerful cabinet minister, has made a big play for credibility over the last year by touting faster trains to London, it's blatantly never going to happen - no matter how many strings she pulls. To make it worse, M&S clearly don't share her confidence and are closing down the Simply Food at the station just a few months after it opened. This is INCREDIBLY depressing. There just are not enough comuters. I've been banging on for years that they should focus on the train journey to Brighten and turn Hampden Park into a hub, cutting the journey down to about 35mins.

Had a depressing conversation with a colleague this morning who has been doing hod-carrying on the side, and yesterday as I ate my lunch on a bench on the seafront - a friend walked passed, I asked how he was - didn't expect to be told he'd been signed off from work with depression.

I really fear for this country at the moment. Changes to the way the sick and disabled are treated, our relationship with Europe and the potential loss of the Human Rights act (HOW THE FUCK DOES THAT WORK???) are all playing on my mind. At least the weather looks OK at the moment.

I've managed to get quite a lot done today, I have a meeting tomorrow that should hopefully go well - but it's another project that's going to drag on for ages - everything I'm doing at the moment is going to drag and drag. By the time I get paid it will be September.

I have a bad feeling that this meeting later will include drinks - I'm not really in the mood - and I can barely afford it...


Anonymous said...

Yep, things are bad. I followed the Lab Party in Hastings on line as an ex east sussex person, and they seemed really well organised. Death of council leader v sad as he seemed to have done a lot of good stuff for the town. I'd have been going to Hastings to help them win if I'd still lived near. Instead I did that here in the nearest place it might make a difference, but did not pull it off.

It is like the 80s as you said earlier, but worse in that the institutions that at least tried to protect people (unions etc) are now not really able to do that. The govt will put the boot into the only ones that still can (railway unions I guess I mean).

It's genuinely hard to know how to protect vulnerable people in the face of the onslaught that will now be unleashed.


Unknown said...

Courage, mon brave.

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