Friday, 15 May 2015


It rained all day yesterday, the garden needed it. It's supposed to be much better today, but it's actually cold and very overcast.

Sayed up last night and watched Question Time - or rather 'The Nigel Farage Show'. The man isn't an idiot - that would be too easy. He's a dangerous sociopath. He just doesn't get it - he reminds me of Boris Johnson in that he's totally incapable of debate or reasoning - it's all about him, what he says, what he thinks and what he's going to do. It's no wonder that people are already taking bets on Douglas Carswell - the only credible person in the party and their sole MP (more to do with being a well like constituency MP pre defection than anything else) leaving to become an independent as his obvious frustration grows.

Farage and UKIP are a single issue party - many people within the party want to expand to something more general with a raft of policies but Farage can't get past immigration and Europe - it's all he talks about, it's all he preaches about - and his way is the only way, if anyone tries to get a word in edgeways, they get shouted down. He'll never get past his 'pretend' resignation which clearly makes him dishonest and self-serving, and his crushing of any internal dissenting voices who try to talk sense shows what an odious little shit he is. I really hope the whole thing just blows up now and they all fall apart.

Saw my friend who has been signed off work with depression - apparently the 'meds are kicking in already'. That's good.

Worked really hard yesterday - achieved a great deal, however - because of the vagaries of being self employed, I didn't actually earn any money.

I have to deal with a lot of accounting issues over the weekend - seriously not looking forward to it - an overwhelming sense of dread.

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