Tuesday, 28 April 2015


I spent most of the day FINALLY submitting my tax returns, mostly because there were so many receipts to go through.

I can confirm I had higher expenses and worked harder that at any time in the last 5 years, ad earned the lowest amount in 15 years. I'll leave it a couple of days before I go back and look at my adjusted figures. I now have a stonking headache. On the way home I was filled with dread and horror for the future, but at least I have a vegetable Balti to look forward to tonight... and a single, rather sad looking can of beer in the fridge.

In the corner shop near my studio at lunch time, two teenage black boys in full gangsta-rapper gear were in front of me, they bought two cans of Special Brew, two small bottles of Cherry B and a packet of Paracetamol between the two. It kind of ruined their 'street' image.

The Hospice Shop has new management - again - I really want them to bring back the middle-aged half blind gay man who ran a very tight ship but always had stuff on the rails - they have had another go at 'Mary Portas' style renovation. Really terrible now - hardly anything on show - mostly really shabby and threadbare if it's menswear and no turnover - and the women in there are terrible snobs. That bloke knew what I bought and held stuff back for me - he once said "I've been lifting shirts for you all morning".

I think it's really interesting that Nicola Sturgeon has come across fantastically well in all her interviews - although the most stupid thing I've heard in YEARS was a man saying (In Hastings) "Why should I vote SNP"... just... not.... getting it.

My new glasses, ordered online, are apparently on their way to me now. I'm convinced they will get the prescription wrong and turn up totally useless. It will almost certainly be my fault and I'll be too ashamed to do anything about it.

I'm going to see a live recording of 'I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue' next month - quite excited about that, and the 'Round The Horne' stage show will be in town in November - I'll be buying tickets to that too.

I had an appointment with the dental hygienist earlier today. As usual - I was getting something wrong. There is a gap between two of my front teeth that I'm very sensitive about. Anyone my age with a horror of further gum recession will understand that I treat it very carefully - the hygienist was trying to persuade me to be even more aggressive with my interdental brushing and forced something the size of a toilet brush between them. I nearly fainted.

Having put my tax returns to bed and mostly 'cleared the decks' - I can now call 2014/15 'finished'. I'm glad. It was a rubbish year - nothing good happened, and I'm in a worse place now than I was 12 months ago - which wasn't what I was expecting at all. The only way, as they say, is up.

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