Monday, 4 May 2015

Not in the mood.

Bank Holiday Monday - and instead of joining in with all the revellers in the old town, painted green - dancing around in costumes and gorging myself on overpriced beer, I'm at home - watching 'The Longest day' - for about the 20th time. I win. There are about 10,000 motorcycles on the seafront - they keep roaring up and down the hill - a constant rumble in the background.

Been in a funny mood all week - work is insecure - lots of people want to talk, very little actual commissioning, if any at all - that makes me nervous and distracted.

Ian, one of the people I share my studio with, left on Thursday. He has an office and darkroom at home - his daughter is older now and going to nursery, so he can work more comfortably at home - so we had a drinks send-off that went very well. I can't remember much after 3am.

I've spent most of the weekend struggling with furniture that doesn't fit in my house and trying to come up with a working combination. I've failed. I've put more stuff on eBay - including this beauty that I'd rather keep but has been in the store room for 7 years because it just doesn't fit anywhere. The amount of time I spend moving stuff about is absurd.

Last week, the incredibly old man who lives over the road spoke to me for the first time ever. It went like this;

"I see you, I know who you are - you're you own man - like me, let's leave it at that".

- and off he went.

General election this week, and I cannot ever remember one this interesting, exciting or dirty. It's getting very tetchy down here in Hastings. If you are in the UK and reading the papers - Ed Milliband's giant stone was unveiled just a few streets away from my house in the car park of a local school. We have a very unpopular Conservative MP here and an exceptional Labour candidate - I'm really hoping she wins. This constituency really needs a locally focused member - not a Westminster one who has spent the last few years building up her Linkedin profile. That's the difference for me - seeing representing your town as a vocation, rather than just a job. Unusually - the local Green candidate has managed to stir up a great deal of grief and animosity, I'm keeping well out of that one.

I strongly suspect I'll be pulling an all-nighter on Thursday, or at least - getting an early night and then getting up at 3am when it just starts getting interesting.

On Saturday, I came as close to fainting through pain as I ever will - in the absence of being able to bear children. A large dinner plate slid from the counter and landed, guillotine style, across the joints of all the toes on my right foot - I was just wearing socks. There are no words.

Last week I found myself in possession of an e-voucher for 'Glasses Direct" - 2 pairs of new glasses with frames selected from a large range at a hefty discount. I'm not that comfortable with this sort of thing, and it took me 2 hours to repeatedly try to upload my prescription. I received my glasses 4 days later - they were perfect, look great, better than the ones I already have that cost me £250... and cost me a total of £47.50. A rare moment of personal triumph in an otherwise grim year.

I remembered earlier today that I have now almost outlived my father. Just a few weeks to go. He was convinced that he would die at 49, the same age as his father, which he did. I'll be doing everything I can to avoid history repeating.

I've been reading the papers more than usual recently - due to the election etc. What did they do before social media and selfies by dreary celebrities I've never heard of? I read today that Top Gear (a program I loathe) will be hosted by the 'model' and celebrity Jodie Kidd - (a woman I loathe). A marriage made in hell. If you want to kill something - that's the way to do it. I shall be cheering from the sidelines.

Best social media comment of the year so far - in relation to Bruce Jenner "Thank God there is now at least one woman in that family with some dignity"

Second best social media post for the architecturally inclined -

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