Monday, 27 April 2015


Turned up for a dental appointment on the wrong day (It's tomorrow). An embarrassing waste of time.

have had to come back home early because I'm talking to my mortgage company later and I wanted to do it at home. It's quite nippy in here. Small dog has eaten my slippers, 2nd pair in a week. Getting bored with that now.

earlier today I bought a couple of tickets to see 'Have I Got News For You' being recorded in my local theatre. It wasn't hard - you could just buy them online, by phone or in person after 9.30am - we had plenty of warning. They sold out fast - not a surprise. I've spent all day fielding emails from people because I know someone at the theatre and could I get one for them. So far only one person I'm prepared to put myself out for - and I may know where there is a ticket. I'm quite sure that loads will start floating about closer to the date anyway.

Despite being self employed - I'm really looking forward to the bank holiday.

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