Wednesday, 18 March 2015


I have good days, I have bad days, and then they just get worse.

Selling stuff on Ebay is shit, soul destroying misery - I wouldn't do it unless I actually had to.

Aside from Paypal deciding to hold onto my money for a month because I'm not a regular user - that's my money, for a month... my first sale has gone drastically wrong because the buyer thought it was something totally different and somehow very valuable (listed at 99p...) and went ballistic when it arrived - so I seems to be in a position where I have to reimburse them from my own pocket - and now, another parcel arrived smashed to pieces - it cost £20 quid of my own money to send - and even the recipient - who seems to want a refund - exclaimed how well it was packed and protected. I think they want a full refund too, and it appears from parcel force that they will be be covering the cost because there was a glazed print among the items in the box - strangely - the glass wasn't broken - but everything else was. This is AFTER I made sure it was insured for £200 and the man in the post office knew what was in the parcdel.

I'm supposed to be selling stuff to pay my tax bill - I'm actually throwing money away. Ebay are shit, Paypal are shit, Parcelforce are shit. Everybody is shit. Apparently - I have to accept the items back, pay out of my own money for postage and essentially lose my fucking shirt.

I have to work at home tomorrow because a FedX parcel is being delivered - I don't know who from or what it is, but it's really fucked up my day.

I've just been told in the studio that my coffee isn't very good. Fuckers. Who drinks instant coffee anyway?

I have a stack of bills, a mountain of debt, most of my clients are idiots and I'm literally running out of ideas.


Anonymous said...

Aren't auctions buyer beware - genuinely tough look?

Parcel Force insurance not paying out? just refer them to the Insurance Ombudsman - is that the same as Financial Services Ombudsman. The one time I had to do that with an insurer it resulted in a rapid about turn in their approach. Worth a try?

Anonymous said...

Tough Luck I meant (on the buyer) unless you deliberately miss described which I'm sure you did not.

Steerforth said...

For the books stick to Abe - a better class of buyer.

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