Saturday, 21 March 2015


The ebay misery continues - I'm quite sure you can produce a graph that correlates the suicide rate with the introduction of PayPal and Online selling. It may never end.

I have a stinking cold, 3 days and counting - spending Saturday at home but I need to go into work tomorrow - at least it will be quiet.

I've put my old 1950's fruit machines on eBay - there is a lot of interest and at least 3 have already made the minimum value - I took them down off the walls to clean and photograph them and the house looks quite bare - but I can get used to that. I'm hoping it warms up a little today so I can do some stuff in the garden and bring another couple of boxes down from the loft - selling stuff is almost addictive, but the process is torture. I'm taking Steerforth's advice and leaving the books until later and will sell them all through a specialist site - Ebay is about bargains and a place of refuge for people with psychotic conditions. I'd forgotten I had a crate of SLR cameras in the loft - I'll give them the once over - I have a feeling they are almost worthless.

In other news - the photographs I did last week in Croydon were very well received and shall be appearing in various places, my one bright spot of the week - everything else has been a down hill battle. I seem to be making things gradually worse for myself.

The eclipse couldn't have been more disappointing if it tried - heavy fog and mist, almost no tangible difference in light levels and a lot of confused and bemused people wandering about. Shame. On the way back to the studio I watched a giant seagull eating a live starfish. It was quite disturbing,

Peak Eclipse. It's in there - somewhere.

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