Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Wednesday, already

I'm being interviewed tomorrow by a film crew - I'm still in two minds about it. By complete coincidence - an academic is looking for information on a related subject via The Design Council - and I may be talking to them later. Really not sure how I feel about all this - suddenly out of my comfort zone (which I'll admit - is very small, and somewhat shaped like me in the foetal position)

Yesterday - I had to send a catalogue to a client, they had left it at my studio on Monday and needed it back for Thursday - to an address in Brighton - just down the coast.

I went to the post office, never an easy experience in Hastings - it was going to cost me £12.98 to send by Parcel Force - exactly 2p cheaper than a return train ticket. If I wasn't busy - I'd have taken it over myself and had a day out. It's roughly the size of a Thompson Local. I was appalled. Apparently, according to the woman - it was the only way to guarantee delivery and 1st and 2nd class were much more expensive. I'm told it is because Royal mail intend to discourage the parcel business. I can't quite get my head around that one.

Work is tricky, awkward, unsatisfying and very complicated at the moment - the financial return is minimal - this looks like a running theme for 2015 already.

Rifkind and Shaw - what idiots. Rifkind just managed to make things worse simply by opening his mouth - being that detached from reality is really quite an achievement. My only experience of Jack Straw was about 10 years ago - at Crewe station. I was on a train to Manchester Airport to catch a flight to Gatwick - the train was held up by 30 mins so that Jack Straw (I think he was Home secretary at the time) and his 'staff' of meatheads with guns could catch up - when he arrived, we all had to move into another carriage so he could have some space and privacy. I missed my flight - so did several others. Shame twitter wasn't available at the time - I would have been an active user that day.

The software I'm using to sharpen up my spelling and grammar is really crushing what's left of my self-esteem, every sentence I type includes at least one incorrect use of a verb. I'm clearly an idiot.

I watched Interstella again last night - it was really boring 2nd time around, the story made much less sense and the dialogue was even less comprehensible. Don't even talk to me about the science....

Someone who I had a VERY difficult working relationship with a few years ago wants to connect with me on Linkedin - I cannot fathom that at all.

Senile greyhound refused to walk more than 100 yards today and went back to bed. I feel that this is due more to attitude issues rather than advancing age.

Two houses on Canute Road now have their Xmas lights up. Hastings is like that. There is a large house up on the Ridge that I can see in the distance from my Bedroom window that also has a fully decked exterior.

The Mother of Chris Kyle was on the radio earlier today commenting tearfully about the end of his killers trial - whilst, of course I have every sympathy for any woman whom loses a son, and the man who killed him is responsible for his actions - her comments that the guilty verdict was an example of 'God looking after us, as he always does' didn't make a great deal of sense - not sure how she explains God's lack of attention when her son was being killed - or when he was himself killing hundreds (by his own admission) of people - and taking pride and pleasure in it.

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Anne Roy said...

The LinkedIn advance may be so that they have your name & your job title with theirs ... I myself have had several approaches from people in the same line (education) that I do not know.

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