Monday, 2 March 2015

Bumpy ride.

A lot's happened in the last week.

I spent nearly 4 hours being interviewed for a film documentary on Thursday - I'll probably only be in it for 2 mins and they will edit the thing so I come across as an idiot with a chip on my shoulder. I had a spot on the end of my nose. I never want to see the bloody thing.

After the film people arrived, it was discovered that they had left some vital sound equipment in London and were trying to get a replacement - in Hastings, during the thick fog and rain, when a group of students walked past from the local journalism course - carrying exactly the right thing. So - I had an audience. One of them took over on sound, he was excellent, you can always tell the one that's going to get a job. It was a very strange day.

Afterwards, I went back up to my studio and they were all drunk. One of the tenants was leaving and there were empty prosecco bottles everywhere. Eventually, I had to call her boyfriend to collect her from the pub. She's a lovely girl - from New York, just used the studio for a few months to finish writing a book. She's been developing a reality show with Alice Cooper. It doesn't get more random than that.

On Saturday - it was a friend's birthday - had to go for a drink, cost me money but I enjoyed it. There was someone in the pub I went to college with who is now a 'celebrity' journalist / columnist. I hated her then, and I hate her even more now.

We are getting high-speed broadband at the studio - that's phenomenal. There is only one other workplace in Hastings with it so far and we are not due any commercial installation for at least a year. We're also going to do some work on the studio and move it around a bit, maximising the space. Actually affording to be there at the moment is a real struggle. I'm working, but it's not going too well, money wise. In fact - it's grimmer than usual. I'm doing my 2014/15 accounts tonight. Seeing a new accountant later in the week. Grim.

I used the sewing machine on Saturday - the first time in years. I only had to fix a cushion cover. I found that I was actually scared of the bloody thing.

Out of morbid fascination, I watched a programme on iPlayer about painting challenges - with Una Stubbs. It was desperate. really grim - but not quite as bad as 'I survived a Zombie Apocalypse' - which is an actual, real game show. It defies description. I've not bothered watching any more '10,000 BC things - they were terrible.

I'm waiting for The Archers, they laid it on pretty thick yesterday the Ruth might crash her car (or might not). If she does, it will really cheer me up.

This software to improve my grammar is obsessed with adding commas.

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