Monday, 2 February 2015


Face peelingly cold outside. Among other things - I spent about 6 hours writing a response to a set of questions about something that happened in 1997 so it can be checked by a solicitor.

On my way into work today, I managed to bump into 4 people I knew, one after another - all of whom I liked. That cheered my up. I even managed to grab a cup of tea with one of them.

Managed to e an awful lot done over the weekend - have a couple of busy days lined up - mostly clearing the decks, and trying to look towards the future without getting angry or bursting into tears.
One of my near neighbours has a 'brown' wheelie bin for garden waste and is allowing me to fill it with all the trimmings from my trees next weekend - you have to pay £45 p.a. if you want one, and I can't have wheelie bins anyway as there is no rear access or storage.

I've finished planting shallots (I know - bit late in the day - let's see what happens) and a rhubarb crown - also had a go at turning the compost bin - never an attractive proposition. Later in the week I'll be doing more clearance. Came across a photo of the garden from 2 years ago and was a bit shocked at how big some of the shrubs and grasses have grown - pleased about that.

Bean casserole tonight - third night running, kinda looking forward to finishing it off and not having to think about it again.

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