Tuesday, 3 February 2015


Bloody cold. The sky turned black earlier and a sudden blizzard came from nowhere for about 10 mins. Horrible.

I came home from work early today, I knew the weather would turn grim and I didn't need to be there all afternoon. About 5 mins after I arrived home there was a knock on the door. It was a lad of about 20, dressed suitably for te weather but with no gloves. He was really stumbling over his words, I knew instantly what he was doing. He showed me a plastic laminated card that wasn't that convincing and told me he was on a young offenders program and gaining points to go to college by selling door to door. It's a scam - essentially, they are kids who need money rounded up by gang masters and given stock to sell, who drive them about - collect them a few hours later and take most of their money. I didn't actually have any money and he wasn't going to hang around to See if I could be persuaded. I felt really sorry for him,it was freezing cold, he was way out of his depth - could barely manage his prepared story and wasn't going to have much success where I live. Poor bugger - I'd rather he was doing that than stealing, but it must be a miserable way to attempt to pull a few quid together. Out of curiosity I googled a description of the scenario to confirm to myself that it was just a scam and the top result was a thread on Mumsnet. Oh dear - what a swamp of passive aggressive self loathing and bitterness that place is. Some of the things I read on there on just this one thread made me feel sick and sad for society. What makes people so selfish?

I bought some vegetables at the Aldi on the way home. They have a bulk buy of Aqueous cream in large tubs, it's excellent - anyone who suffers with eczema at this time of the year will be going through buckets of the stuff - and best of all, it's £2. The stuff I usually get from Boots would probably cost about £30 for this amount.

I'm going to attempt to avoid the news for a few days - frankly - it's just too distressing sometime, mixed up with mindless, stupid trivia and retarded gossip mongering shite. I made the mistake of accidental listening to the Archers last night - that's just as bad.

Going through some papers last night I found a load of free tickets for The Jerwood Gallery - they have a new exhibition, but it looks rubbish, and I'm a member anyway. I think there is an Edward Burra coming up later in the spring.

Going through the same pile of junk mail I found 3 letters from my MP asking my advice on a variety of 'local' issues. She's been my MP for 5 years, and has only just realised that she has a constituency to worry about. Funny that.

Dark now - and the blizzard is back. Rubbish day.

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