Monday, 5 January 2015

Monday evening.

Surprising number of my neighbours still have their Xmas trees up - some, I suspect - have put up extra lights. This being Hastings, they will hang onto the chance to celebrate a little longer until at least April.

Came home to a leaflet offering me a free quotation on a hypnotherapy course, a free quotation on a 'life management' course and two flyers from estate agents offering me 'free quotations' on my house. All binned.

Have reliably been informed ( and I'd already been told this ) that there is a sex ring in the Old Town and an S&M dungeon. This came as no surprise to me. It's like that in Hastings.

Today, I did everything I was supposed to do. Completed all my admin, made contact with everyone I was supposed to - sent out a slew of cheery 'happy new year' emails to everyone that were carefully constructed to avoid sounding like I was begging for work. Had a long meeting with someone I will be putting a project together with and have set up a couple of meetings to discuss funding options.  I really couldn't have done any more - I'm 'on top' of everything. It's not helping. Not a single person returned any emails - even the ones reminding them that there was work incomplete or that they hadn't thought to get updated files files from me - everyone is probably still on 'holiday' time and I'm at the end of the food chain.

The bin man have cleared millions of black bags from my area today - I actually felt sorry for them - they must have been out 2 or 3 times. At one point, I went past the house of someone I know well who constantly pleads poverty - they hadn't really thought that one through - their recycle bags are clear plastic, I hope they have fun with the MacBook, Ipod, Ipad, giant TV, X Box and other things they seem to have unboxed over the last couple of weeks, It was like being in the loading bay at John Lewis's. Personally I always find it prudent to keep the packaging.

Watching 'University Challenge' - Oxford V Cambridge - always really dull and smug. One of them is seriously called 'Pugh-Ginn'

We have a new person in the studio soon for a few weeks - we've agreed to their request that they can bring their dog in. It will end in tears.


Anne Roy said...

they can bring their dog in? do you know what kind / size of dog it is?

Anonymous said...

no idea - suggestions that it's 'small' - but am waiting for the big reveal....

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