Monday, 5 January 2015

Back to work

I managed to complete everything I'd set aside for today by noon. Nobody is answering their emails - and a quick look at the figures reveals that despite working every single day - I've actually earned less so far in 2014/15 than in the year of the crash - 2008/9 - when I had no work at all.

Makes no sense to me.

By coincidence - I watched the very excellent Stephen Frears drama - 'The Deal' last night, about the relationship between Blair and Brown. Really enjoyed it - at least as interesting now as it was then  and far more pertinent. It was made before Brown became Prime Minister - but it's very prophetic, and Blair comes out of it looking very bad, again... quite prophetic.

Have a meeting shortly to talk through some speculative work that I am doing with a retailer that actually won't be paid, but will possible bring in work. The work 'possibly' is getting a bit tired now.

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