Wednesday, 7 January 2015


I'm working in Brighton later, and have a meeting in the evening about some funding strategy (just as dull as it sounds). The Brighton appointment is to plan something I may... or may not actually be earning any money for - that's to be revealed - and another client has confirmed a piece of work that I'd been promised last year - which is now for exactly 1 day. They seemed pleased that they had managed to 'get it down' - personally I had to grit my teeth and smile.

So this year is looking a lot like last year already.

Had a chat with someone I know in the Old Town yesterday who was quite happy to confirm the rumours about the sex club, and told me that there is a regular meet-up for elderly gentlemen who like to dress up as schoolgirls. Of course - this could all be made up nonsense, but I've had reports from various sources now. It's blossoming into a seedy seaside version of 'Personal Services' - the Julie Walters film about the life of 'notorious' brothel keeper,  Cynthia Payne.

News wise - I have to say - I've never understood the appeal of Stephen Fry, I've read a couple of his books - which I hated, seen him act, seen him on the telly - and he just annoys me.

Being back on 'work' mode means I've already lost my temper with radio 4, frequently. Gritting my teeth while someone in the background tries to debate the relative merits of books versus kindles, without either party having a reasonable argument - and yesterday the trauma of a program about Richard III - where obsessed groupie historians bickered with each other to fill in the gaps in the available evidence by making things up that suited their own romance, and trying to create an alternative history. Apparently - they are called 'Ricardians' and are convinced he was a very nice man indeed.

Almost half way through 'Under The Skin' by Micheal Faber - very different to the film, but very good indeed.

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Steerforth said...

I really enjoyed 'Under the Skin', which I read a couple of months ago - one of the few novels I'd read again.

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