Tuesday, 16 December 2014


I'm sitting in the studio. I have been asked by 3 clients to set aside 1 day each this week for work - but as yet, none of the work has turned up - it's almost certainly all going to arrive on Friday - so I will have to turn at least 2 of them down, that costs me money I can't afford to lose, I'm fuming. Given up on the gentle prods and reminders.  Of course - if anyone does find that I no longer can complete the day they asked for - they will be livid and blame me for not being available, 24/7 - unpaid, waiting by the phone.

In other news, my essential gift to myself for Xmas was a computer software training manual - they are really expensive because they go out of date so quickly - I intend on spending Xmas brushing up on my print and layout skills, not that there is anything wrong with them - but I'm 'obliged' to be at the top of my game - so that people can pay me less for doing more work in a shorter timescale.

It was really cold at home last night - but for some reason, suddenly got much warmer at about 10pm - I almost considered staying up.

Pushed the boat out a little bit earlier by buying a set of cheap screwdrivers and some shoelaces. Rock and roll.

One great thing about the new Aldi is that it sells a lot of fruit - last night was a persimmon overdose.

I've now paid every single bill I'm expecting before the end of the year - next one due is my mortgage on Jan 1st - and I've set aside a bit of cash for that too - so everything I spend now is 'on my own time' - as it were. I'm not actually planning on spending a penny if I can help it, except for food. I have a stack of films to watch - quite a few jobs around the house that need doing - and I have to gear up for my new website after Xmas - basically just collate all the images and wait for the people who are doing it to 'find the time'. It could be a long wait.

Watched a couple of films last night while I was trying to do stuff at home, including Judy Dench in 'Mrs Henderson Presents' - the very fictionalised and rather mawkish story of The Windmill Club in London - did a bit of checking - it cost £20 million to make - which is absurd, and took almost nothing at the box office. It was a rather amiable and inoffensive little film that lacked any real bite or heart - I think they tried to do too many things, and Will Young was a bit rubbish. Later I watched 'Let Me In' - the Hollywood version of the superb 'Let The Right One In' - remakes are generally rubbish, but this was almost perfect - missing one key scene - but that didn't matter, really beautifully shot.

I was in Debenham's earlier - searching for, don't laugh - something that poaches just one or two eggs at a time - rather than four, which seems standard. I've had a couple of contraptions in the past and they were all rubbish. The search continues. Debenhams' in Hastings is an evil place and I'm quite sure that people go in and don't come out.

This is really interesting, Hastings is in there at number 6, I remember this station from early visits when I was living in Brighton, and liked it - the new station is rubbish.

I think my bike needs a major service, something else to do over xmas - brakes and gears are not behaving well - and considering the glut of very poor drivers in Hastings recently - it's something that needs attending to.

In Waterstone's earlier - I noticed that most of the xmas stock appears to be made up of blogs and Tumblrs that have been turned into books - it's all cyclical. Some irony in there.


Anne Roy said...

Debenham's is evil ... I am pleased you got out safely ... the one here in Cambridge has a policy that all staff need to badger each customer to sign up for a Debenham's card. They have to get a certain number each week or their post is threatened. I do not shop there but the few times I have been there with someone I make them sign up for the card ... they can always scissor it to bits when received.

Sarie said...

The one in Canterbury is a terrible place - so depressing! I'm amazed they're still trading to be honest.

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