Monday, 15 December 2014

It's happened again

Massive peak in hits on here last night associated to a random post several years ago - Phishing robots at it again.

Went to work specifically because I had two meetings, both of which were then cancelled. One was cancelled because her little boy had his nativity play - which I thought was quite reasonable. The other, not.

Filling the time, made the terrible mistake of totting up my earnings so far this year - a disaster. Cannot understand how I can work so hard and earn so little.

A friend has become quite successful selling her prints, she has just done a joint show with someone I was at college with who does the same - he was a nice bloke and we got on, he's become quite successful  he has one particular print he sells regularly and has done for years - I think it's probably made him a lot of money. It's identical to one I did that is in our college year book. He's about 4 pages away from me in the book - but a world away from me now.

I have a friend who is an architect, his girlfriend is one of my old students, lovely couple. His dad lives in Hong Kong and has a manufacturing company, last year he was bullied (probably the wrong word... strongly encouraged) to model for one of their products - a dressing gown - it wasn't supposed to be seen by anyone - I was in ESK (Local discount warehouse) earlier today and there was a giant display of them - very cheesy pictures, draped around a random girl in a 'simply sexy 'nothing underneath' dressing gown. He's mortified. Obviously I felt the need to take a photograph and post it on Facebook for him. In his other life (he's a massive over achiever) - he does this - he's one of the 10 or so best recolouring experts in the world. Obviously he's much younger than me.

I have some loose ends - work wise - that I need to tie up this week, but as I'm right at the bottom of the food chain, I can 100% guarantee that nobody will get back to me until Friday at the earliest - and I will have a flood of urgent things to do next week - none of which will actually be looked at until the new year. ( I get a timed download confirmation on all data transfers)

I hoped I had a bit more money in the bank that I actually have - I'm 'sort of' solvent - if it wasn't for my tax bill I'd be OK. Last year a couple of well paying jobs turned up in the New Year- this year I don't know - I really need something to pick up a bit after Xmas or next year will just be horrendous. I've paid my council tax until April and my studio until the new, and apart from work on the house, I don't actually need to spend any money - but the day to day cost of keeping it all going on just my income is crippling me. Not really sure what to do there.

I saw my neighbour bend over top pick something up earlier - she's quite 'big' - her joggers slipped down to reveal a HUGE tattoo that covers her backside.

The most exciting thing I did today was search out some decaf ground coffee (M&S) - however, a quick trip  to the COOP revealed that they are combatting the opening of the Aldi by actually dropping their prices - a good thing, they are quite affordable now. The 3 for 2 offer on Colgate toothpaste actually undercuts the Pound shop.

Yesterday was made better by back to back 1950's Science Fiction films

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