Thursday, 18 December 2014


I find myself in the middle of a block of unexpected but very welcome in-house work, which is a relief, as the 3 days work I had been booked for this week have not yet materialised - and don't seem to be coming any time soon.

Another strange spike in hits on here - I think it may be North Korea prying on me..

Fiendishly busy at the moment - and unable to post the small number of Xmas cards I've bought because now that the Post Office has closed and has moved to WHSmiths - it's a no-go zone at lunch time.

I watched The Apprentice last night, I wish I hadn't. It's rubbish, a truly absurd waste of what was once quite a good idea. It isn't even funny.

Many thanks to everyone who commented and contacted me about Debenhams', I'm glad I'm not alone. I can also confirm that they are desperate to get you to sign up for some form of card whenever you buy anything. The staff here are a mix between people who couldn't care less and people who have clearly been in shop work all their lives and take it far too seriously. They also seem to have a very high staff turnover, and a different sale every 2 days.

I solved the mystery of the blocked toilet with the application of common sense. I was right - there was no tangible reason for the toilet to keep blocking, it turns out that it was my fault - I usually buy really cheap, recycled toilet paper - but about a week ago I picked up some much more expensive stuff that had been reduced - it turns out that this new stuff doesn't do the normal 'fall to bits when it gets wet' thing, and bulks up - becoming indestructible, and blocks the cistern. That explains why it was reduced, although I cannot fathom why anyone would design such tosh.

When I got home from work, the power was off - just came back on now at about 9.15.  had to deal with the old woman next door - she has a small LED light but wasn't sure where the candles were - if she needed them, or if she should go to bed. Managed to make a cheese sandwich by candle light.

Fortunately - I had a film on this laptop - it's The Servant. Couldn't think of anything better.

Studio Xmas party tomorrow night. Bound to end in tears.

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