Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Tuesday Evening

Worked in Brighton today - freezing morning with white ice everywhere but warm-ish and very windy this evening.

On the early train, a group of men were going to Brighton - I think for a stag party, they were all Slipknot fans and talked about Death Metal all the way there, one of them had apparently seen a decapitated corpse one after an accident, it was 'awesome' - he also wanted a new kitten and was going to call the RSPCA after the weekend. Another had apparently applied to Mastermind to answer questions on Death Metal - but hadn't heard back yet. They are all staying at The Jury's Inn hotel - which has always struck me as the worst name for a hotel in the history of the world.

Work was hard, very tiring and stressful. . . but I need to eat.

I bought a sandwich at lunch time at the large COOP on London Road - it was MUCH cheaper than my COOP. I was furious.

On the way home I caught the same train as one of my old students - he's working at an agency in Hove and was really enjoying it - had a nice chat all the way back. Pleased that he is doing so well.

Here's a picture I cribbed from my cousin's facebook page - the woman in the middle is my Aunt Edith - it's her 90th birthday, she used to work at British Steel and was 'important' in early commercial computers - her and her husband were very 'smart', well turned out couple who changed their car every year and always went to Cornwall on holiday. We had virtually the same post card every July, and they usually sent us a packet of kippers in the post. I think she was very well respected at work but not so much at home - however, once her husband died - her life changed for the better. She used to feed and tame the feral cats that lived at the steelworks - she was the only one who could handle them. The story, as I understand it, is that she looked like Jane Russell when she was young ( I remember her as a child and I find this VERY easy to believe) and had many suitors, one was the son of a wealthy family who was very keen - the other was a bit of a middle class tearaway who rode a motorcycle and wore tweeds, of course she married the wrong one, he was badly injured in a crash soon afterwards and was a semi invalid all his life - I think he was quite a frustrated man, never a good mix - smart, intelligent, over achieving woman and an angry and resentful stay at home husband. I just remember her being fiercely intelligent, which she still is. The woman on the left is my aunt Eileen - also very smart, and on the right is my Uncle, George - who was 'big' in the interior decorators industry when it was a proper trade and not the domain of ponces like Laurence Llewelyn Bowen. He fell off a roof a couple of years ago fixing the TV ariel and survived injuries that would kill a younger man. All of my mothers family are the same - tall, strong, thin, never ill, live forever if they look after themselves, and never retire. Just as well I take after them.

I am working in-house again tomorrow - I have to do two days work in one - it's being presented on Thursday morning, no absolutely no latitude there. I need to take a day off soon.

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Anonymous said...

Great blog.

All the supermarkets use variable pricing, especially higher prices in "local" shops - bloody annoying. There are several better places to get lunch on the London Rd.,cf that COOP (where a lot of the operatives don't smell very nice at all).

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