Sunday, 14 December 2014


A long week and a very bumpy ride.

I have managed to finish most of my paid work - not yet sure about next week - I may have a couple of in-house days - I also need to go to both London and Brighton. Paid a few bills, did some cleaning and serviced y back - essential after a brake cable came loose on the way to work last week.

Just writing a list of thins I need to do over the xmas break, I also made an attempt to read the Xmas Radio Times but frankly - I wasn't that bothered and it was far too difficult to read - it is very badly designed. It always was.

On the good side  after Xmas there will be an exhibition of original artwork from early ladybird Books at the De La Warr Pavilion - looking forward to that.

On the bad side - the toilet is mysteriously blocked for not tangible reason.

I think we are having a joint Xmas party next week with another studio in Hastings - after that - I'm going to lock myself away, although I am going to a lunch on Xmas day - and although I'm invited out on NYE, I'm almost certainly going to stay at home. I need to have a 'think' about work.

Made the mistake of being in town yesterday - bedlam, in a bad way.

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