Tuesday, 23 December 2014


The house is mostly' clean - I've finished work for the year and I'm just sitting here now, wondering what to do next.

Social wise, we had out Staff party on Friday night - mostly freelancers from the same part of town and  I went top a vinyl night on Sunday at the Jenny Lind - mostly people my age with long treasured early punk and the odd joker who brought some Cliff Richard. I actually had to work on Sunday in-house and I was in my studio yesterday. At home today, pretty much done for the year - now I have to sit and do the difficult part like look at money, work going forward etc, and all the other stuff that's been rubbish this year.

So, I'm having a glass of wine at home - something I've not done for at least a year. Dunno what I'm doing tomorrow yet - Xmas day lunch at a friends house - and after that - probably a lot of dreary paperwork.

I my occasionally pop up unexpectedly when I get bored and after I've given this year some thought. Something I've been trying to avoid.

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