Sunday, 23 November 2014


I was just about to settle down with some coffee... but the Archers came on and I had to get up to turn the radio off.

A long week. managed to get a lot of work done - I'm 'probably' mostly booked up until Xmas - and there should be reasonable money involved - I'll certainly get through to the new year in once piece (famous last words) . I'm working inhouse for a couple of weeks - that will be exhausting but it's 'solid'. Clients have been really difficult but I'm holding my own - I'm on a couple of joint projects, one in particular, the guy I'm working for can no longer speak to the actual client because the relationship has broken dow so badly - I'm glad I'm at the end of the food chain on that one. Tomorrow some print is being delivered to a client in London, which means I'll have to pay the print bill quickly ( I need a good relationship with the printer) and will have to wait for the client to pay me - that's where I worry. I'm also a bit worried that all the work I'm doing now will not be finished before Xmas (clients drag their feet) - so it could be Easter before I get paid. This s why I'm constantly chasing my tail.

Alarming article in the paper today here that illustrates my anxiety.

Vintage Desert Island Disks on the radio - Sue Lawley talking to Clive Stafford Smith. I'd forgotten what an utter snob she was. At least with Kirsty there is some genuine affection and admiration for her guests - with Lawley it's just "oh , you funny little man - fancy that - wasting your life trying to save people's lives - you are peculiar"

I've been forced away from the media this weekend - basically - it's become the season of bashing men. Driving a wedge between the sexes isn't going to do much for equality. The DM today have an article about the 'model/TV presenter ' Melanie Sykes who is on a celebrity game show. She famously beat her X husband up, regularly - it seems, and was eventually arrested and cautioned - she seems to have a drink problem. Now that she's back in the public eye - of course her X husband has been dragged up ( I doubt he had any choice - there would have been journalists outside his house every day - basically, if he didn't talk - they would have made his life a misery and just printed what they wanted anyway). He doesn't really say much - but the comments after the article are a revelation - telling him to get over it and that he probably deserved it, would have been very different if it was the other way round.

The White Van man bollocks that the entire fucking British media has been so obsessed with this week is just absurd. Snobbery versus inverted snobbery. Seriously - I wouldn't be happy to live next to someone who had idiotic flags outside his house 'until they are rags, then I'll put more up' - and neither would anyone else, and I'm far more of a Labour supporter than he is ( his personal politics look very UKIP). It's bad enough living next door to someone who cheerfully admits that 'we only rent, so we don't DO gardening' - the house looks abandoned when the lights are out - and as they attract seagulls to their pizza filled bin bags - the front garden is rubbish and rotting food strewn on a regular basis. Mind you - they probably hate living next door to me - I can't afford to fix my render - but at least I have a nice box hedge and a bay tree, not sure how they feel about the large sex pistols poster visible through the window. Someone made the point in today's Independent that while some people rejoice in seeing a street of houses that are all flying the flag of St George - there are plenty people who look at the same scene and are genuinely frightened.

Both dogs have been behaving strangely this week - Alfie greyhound now misses meals and sleeps all day, but is otherwise quite content - it's probably just hibernation.

There are now at least a dozen homes in Hastings with their Xmas lights up - mostly it's the type of person who has more decorations outside than inside, The local council has put up the same decorations as last year (and the previous 10 ) and an Ice Rink has been build in the shopping centre. There is a 'grotto' in there as well - very 'disney' - it has crowd barriers around it. M&S are stocking up for Xmas and have moved the sandwiches every day this week. I hate Xmas.

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Thanks for this. I think I agree with just about everything, especially the first sentence and the last.

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