Saturday, 29 November 2014

Saturday. A short recap of my week.

I worked in-house all week - juggling my work and another companies - not easy and quite stressful - but I got there in the end. On Monday, a printer delivered some stock to a client in London, but packed it too soon and all the ink rubbed - so the client rejected it. It was needed for a conference on Thursday - so I had to get it re-printed with an expensive coating to prevent rub, and then finish work at 5pm on Wednesday and catch the very expensive fast train the St Pancrass and run to the venue - arriving just before 7pm when they were closing - to hand over a big box of print. I caught the next train home - managed to get from St Pancras to Ashford in 30 mins - then spent 2 hours on the platform waiting for a train home. Arrived after 11pm, exhausted, too tired to cycle - and spent an extra tenner on a taxi home.

Friday I needed to be at Brixton Town hall by 8am to give a presentation and some paid consultancy with a company I work with regularly. I had to be up at 4.30 am to get there on time. Brixton has 'changed' since I used to do my shopping there. Early morning rush hour was almost exclusively white and under 30. The presentation went well, turned out that the woman running it is the sister of someone I shared a studio with in my 20's. Without going into too much detail - the room was full of people working in urban renewal and development throughout Europe - they were all highly intelligent, spoke 4 of 5 languages each and really motivated and passionate. They were lovely and the day went well - but I couldn't help but feel a little bit 'thick'. On the way home I caught a train to Orpington - it passed several places I've either lived or stayed in London, I could look through the windows. Many of the little terraces along the line from Brixton out through Penge to Bromley now have huge, glass, modern box extensions on the back - they look absurd.

Delighted at the verdict on the Mitchell case, absolutely made up with that one - idiot should have had the intelligence to just apologise and make light of it.

Now that it's Saturday morning - I'm just getting my head together - I'll be cleaning the house - walking into town to collect my bike from the studio - and buying some de-caffinated coffee. The new Aldi opens on Thursday, can't wait for that one.

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