Thursday, 20 November 2014


Every piece of work I have at the moment is either, 'on hold' - 'about to go on hold' - 'not confirmed' or 'cancelled' - that's not including stuff I'm doing for free - and I'm still expected to carry on with stuff that might get cancelled, and 'cope' if everything needs doing at the same time. That's the reality of freelance.

It's the 'big' *cough* Xmas lights switch on tonight at our local shopping centre, no celebrities this year (we had Chesney Hawkes once) - just the backing dancers from the local panto. Getting colder. I'd forgotten that when you work at home, you do need 'some' form of heat.

I've managed to get a lot done today already - mostly because I worked late at home last night - I was here at 7.30am and frankly - I'd be quite happy to go home now - have a break and work later - but I'm waiting to find out if I'm needed for a meeting today, so I can't.

WHSmiths in Hastings has again reviewed it's stock policy and now refuses to carry any magazine titles that are of any profession use or personal interest to me.

If things don't pick up today - I may work at home tomorrow.

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