Sunday, 30 November 2014

Sunday Evening.

My neigbours have gone 'full xmas' already. Illuminated reindeer in the garden. I'm pretending not to notice.

Had a very quiet day at home - aside from dog walking and making a bean casserole (very nice, thanks) I fell asleep and stared at a screen. Just realised I have something I need to do for tomorrow. Probably about 2 or 3 hours worth of work later this evening.

Yesterday was OK - had to go into town to collect my bike, it was full of xmas shoppers, but nothing worth buying anywhere - cannot understand this years obsession with staggeringly SHIT 'ironic' low quality Xmas jumpers, they are garbage, not funny, not clever, not needed.

Made a brief trip to the back of the garden to empty a compost bucket - it's all looking very green, healthy and happy - it always does when I leave it alone.

Next week will be busy, fragmented and draining - I have to start clearing up all the loose ends from all the work I have on (nothing whatsoever booked for after xmas) and having a cold, hard look at money. I'll also be deciding if I need to send xmas cards etc - and just how hermit like I get to be this year ( probably VERY).

Dental Hygienist this week - I go 4 times a year, it's expensive - every time I go, no matter how hard I try with my rigid dental hygiene program - she finds something to complain about and I leave feeling ashamed and worthless, I think she has difficulty understanding why I pay all this money for her to clean my fecking teeth in the first place.

Most of my washing is done, most of the house is clean, most of my paperwork complete, most of my bills paid... but it's always the bit that isn't done that created the most problems.

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