Thursday, 30 October 2014

I  went out last night, after a very long and frankly, difficult work day, I needed the release. I’ve never seen Belle and Sebastian in such a small venue before - it was a revelation. The sound was excellent, much better than the usual white nose I have to deal with after 20 years of gigging. It was small enough for the band to be able to interact well with the audience and the crowd were very happy, very keen and all totally in love with the experience. There were plenty of people who had come down from London or further (all of whom complained about the terrible transport ) and I met quite a few people I knew. I saw people there that I’d known in Brighton 20 years ago, they had hardly changed. I would have enjoyed it more if I didn’t feel so tired and run down - but it was a great experience.

Today was probably the hottest day we have had in months - and being half term - town was packed with people enjoying the brilliant sunshine. I picked up another spare Apple display, big 24 inch model - they were £3000 new when they came out, and are still better than anything you can buy now - particularly for colour, which is a constant problem for me with newer models. The only drawback is that you need to use a specific kind of adaptor - and I only have one at the moment and it’s in use, I’ll be trawling ebay for another. I probably have enough decent equipment now for a studio of 5 people.

This morning, as I pulled the bath plug upstairs - I heard a strange, crashing noise - the pipe that leads from the bath out through the wall to the drain had come loose and water was pouring everywhere - including through the open dining room doors onto the floor. I couldn’t deal with it - I just walked out of the house and left it.

I’ve been making some tentative steps to finding out how much it’s going to cost if my bay window collapses. I’m not going to tell you how depressed that made me.

I have a lot of work to do at the moment, all difficult, all mired in conflict and one job where I’ve been asked to put together some print without having images, a deadline (which might be Monday ) and have been told to write my own copy by harvesting material from their website - don’t even know if I’m supposed to be getting this printed myself? 

I need to check my bank later - I should have been paid yesterday by a client - if I haven’t - I’ll not be able to pay my mortgage - very heavy month for bills, including getting the house and contents insurance.

Had to cancel a meeting this afternoon, I was too tired and too wound up - apparently I looked like I was going to ‘burst into tears’.

Friday tomorrow, can’t wait for the weekend - need a couple of days at home alone to catch up on everything and get some peace. Tomorrow night is Halloween - so I’ll be hiding at the back of the house with the lights out to avoid any kids that come knocking and freaking out the dogs. There is ANOTHER big event in Hastings over the weekend - the Herring fair on the sea front, more  marquees, wine, beer and…. herrings.

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