Tuesday, 28 October 2014


I needed to be in Brighton by 8.30 at the latest this morning. Sadly - my 'fast direct' train turned into a 'slow, change at Lewes' train as soon as I boarded. Fortunately - my client was also trapped on a train outside Croydon, so despite being an hour late - I was still 'early'.

Last night I watched the 'baby P' documentary. I always felt that the entire episode was a grubby, manipulated, dishonest mess - and I seem to have been right. Nobody came out of it well, but the scapegoats deserved far more pity and sympathy than they will ever be given. It was gruelling to watch politicians and journalists lying, brazenly exploiting a dead child and creating chaos and hatred. The single most upsetting point was when Sharon Shoesmith admitted (very bravely) that she had considered (just for an instant) ending her own life and taking her daughters with her - which was kind of skirted over in the program and not referred to later - but I thought was very brave and revealing. That child was murdered by his mother and the people close to her - not by the state, not by doctors, policemen or overworked social workers - buy his family - that is where the responsibility lies.

I have loads to do this week, I may work at home tomorrow - I'm staggeringly tired this evening, my stress levels have been raided to max by the absolute certainty that the bay window at the front of the house is starting to move. I'm going to try and get some independent advice about insurance - but I hold no hope.

Off out tomorrow night to see Belle and sebastian. Something to look forward to - here is my favourite track with a video made from one of my favourite films.

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