Saturday, 20 September 2014


It takes about 6 hours to clean this house properly. That's what I've done today - won't last long. Made more difficult by small dog ripping horse hair padding from inside a chair and dragging it around the house.

In an attempt to save money and tackle the senile greyhound's gum disease - I bought a bag of pork rind. Giant flaps of disconcertingly human skin, which I attempted to bake off in the oven. It was a foul business. I don't eat meat so the stench was quite upsetting. The dogs seemed pleased enough but made very light work of them. hardly worth the effort.

Last week was quite a strain - in the end I'm probably not sacked by a client - I even got a very sweet conciliatory email - and the design work I did for London Design Festival was very well received. I even managed to do something that's going to be in Heals next week. I still have no money, and I'm angling for another prestige job that I'm going to do for free because I need the cache more than the cash - I also managed to write a FANTASTIC pitch document for a client that should hopefully secure a big piece of work for them, and some for me too. Still not Been able to get my head around dealing with the revenue - too difficult and stressful at the moment.

The weather has been weird, very hot, lots of thick sea mists - unexpected clumps of stone cold cloud appearing from nowhere and smothering the town - the sea on Friday looked like someone had covered it in a blanket of lumpy cotton wool.

Pretty done in today - I'm going out later - it's the seafood and wine festival in town (as opposed to the food and wine festival - which is earlier in the year) and I'm meeting friends and going for a meal with them later. We will mostly be talking about work.

I need to spend the day at home tomorrow - looking at the practicalities of getting out of debt and planning the time between now and Xmas, as best I can - not that anything ever goes to plan. I looked through all my winter clothes today - cannot really understand why I have a selection of coats that are too small for me - all to good to give away - may be forced to look at Ebay of some such.

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